PENOMET Premium Penis Pump is a penile therapy and enhancement pump that has been scientifically proven safe and effective when used appropriately. The aim of this Penomet review site is to introduce the many possibilities and potential benefits of using they hydro pump. Keep in mind, the information provided on this website may not be appropriate for some people who are not interested in the subject of penile health and enhancement purposes.

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One question that I often encountered from actual people whom I talked to and even on various websites or forums that I have been to hangout with people having similar goals. Why do I created another website reviewing the Penomet pump. And, my answer is simple. This is my experience being shared in this website which I revealed and shared int he PENOMET REVIEW and EXPERIENCE page. You can reach or visit that page by clicking on the green button above. You’ll be taken directly to that page where I talked about the benefits I’ve experience as well as share experiences and thoughts about the device.

In short, you may find some of the information here on other website as well, but some are only available here. It is also not common to find similar experiences with other bloggers who are also sharing their views about this unique penis pump. In fact, you can find one of the detailed description online, which is somewhat complete including the specifications of pump. If you’re interested, feel free to read this Penomet hydro pump review, or from other sources as well including PEGym, or ThundersPlace.

How Penomet Pump Works?

The principle behind the science in which Penomet pump is based upon is from the original design of penis pump. Originally, penis pump is designed to use air for creating negative pressure inside the pump’s cylindrical tube in order to help the penis expands by drawing blood into the penile shaft. Yes, you’ve read it right, conventional air vacuum penis pumps were design as an erection aid device for men who have difficulty achieving and maintaining erection level suitable for sexual penetration.

However, while using the pump consistently on healthy men and putting more pressure than normal but still safe and not causing any injury or damage to the penis, the procedure allows the penis to expand not only as an erection aid, but gains or growth become permanent.

The Penomet, on the other hand, the pump is designed to use water in order to create a negative pressure or vacuum inside the pump cylinder. Using this technique it feels a lot comfortable specially when used with warm water. The warm water helps in warming up the penis encouraging better blood flow during the pumping session, as well as provides better results.

Another advantage of using water to generate the vacuum pressure is it helps in expanding the penile tissues equally as water supports every angle of the penis. It feels comfortable, at the same time as the water provide equal pressure and volume inside the pump’s cylinder tube.

The design of Penomet’s pumping system is unique as it incorporates a non-return valve placed at the tip of the pump. This non-return valve functions when the compression inside the pump stops, it closes the cylinder and pump’s gaiter expands and seals into the pubic area creating vacuum.

Another important thing about penile pumping especially when it comes to penis enlargement is pressure. It is vital to apply pressure safe for the penis as putting too much pressure to it may cause damage or injury to the penis. While other pumps are designed with fixed and single gaiter, Penomet premium package includes 5 interchangeable gaiters with each gaiter has its own preset pressure level.

The advantage is one can tackle the enlargement of the penis in a gradual approach, which is very important for beginners who don’t have prior experience with penis enlargement exercises, or penis enlargement, in general.

As mentioned, Penomet comes with interchangeable gaiters, and Penomet’s premium package include up to 5 gaiters plus other free items including the professional hands-free shower strap that can be use during the pumping routine while doing shower. Not all package include every gaiters Penomet has to offer. Check out Penomet packages below to see what’s included in each package.

Penomet Pump Color Choices
  • Savings
  • ColorsPenomet pumps are available in various colors to choose from. So, pick your preferred color.
  • Gaiters
  • Warranty
  • Bonuses

Penomet Standard

$127 SAVE $42
$127 SAVE $42
  • SAVE $42
  • Violet / Green / Orange / Pink
  • Force 70
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Comes with Enlargement Pump with Force 70 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Access to Silver Support Discreet Shipping and Billing 1 Year Warranty

Penomet Extra

$197 SAVE $91
$197 SAVE $91
  • SAVE $91
  • Violet / Green / Orange / Pink
  • Force 70 Plus 60 & 75
  • 2-Years Warranty
  • Comes with Enlargement Pump with Force 70 Two extra Gaiters Force 65 & 75 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Access to Gold Support Discreet Shipping and Billing 2 Years Warranty

Penomet Premium

$297 SAVE $160
$297 SAVE $160
  • SAVE $160
  • Violet / Green / Orange / Pink
  • All Penomet Gaiters Force 60/65/70/75/80
  • 3-Years Warranty
  • Comes with Everything as Penomet Extra plus; All Penomet Gaiters, including Force 60, Force 65, Force 70, Force 75 and the exclusive Force 80 Extreme Workout Gaiter Comfort Strap, for use in Shower 3 Years Warranty Lifetime Platinum Support